Don & Joe’s Meats Celebrates 50 Years at Pike Place Market

Don & Joe’s Meats Celebrates 50 Years at Pike Place Market

Congratulations, Don and team!

The last remaining butcher shop in Pike Place Market will celebrate their 50th anniversary on Saturday, August 3rd with rollback prices on selected items and treats. Don & Joe’s Meats is celebrating the Summer of 1969 all over again!

In 1969, Don Kuzaro Sr. and his brother-in-law, Joe Darby purchased Dan’s Better Meats from their former boss then changed the name to Don & Joe’s Meats.

Soon after buying the butcher shop, Don made the shop into a true family business hiring his grandmother, Barbara, to keep the book and his son, Don Jr. (Today’s current owner)

Don Jr. worked his way up from “clean-up kid” to meat cutter all while attending college. Don Jr. was drafted into the Navy from 1972 to 1976, but after returning and earning his associates degree Pike Place Market drew him back. After all, he met his wife at Pike Place Market.

In 1986, Don Sr. and Joe sold the butcher shop to Don Jr.

Today, Don Jr. and his crew sell to countless regulars who visit Pike Place Market each week and to six Market restaurants including Cafe CampagneIL BistroLe PichetMatt’s in the MarketRadiator Whiskey and The Pink Door.

Some of those regulars are famed chefs like restaurateur Tom Douglas and Eat Seattle chef Eric Olinsky.

Stop by this month and say congratulations to Don Jr. and his team for 50 great years!

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