What’s in My Bag: Stephanie Forrer Takes Us Along on Her Weekly Food Shopping Trip

Hi there! I’m Stephanie and I’m a food and travel blogger living in downtown Seattle right by the lovely Pike Place Market. As someone who is utterly and completely obsessed with food, I have such a deep appreciation for this Market that connects us to so many local farmers.

The Market is just two blocks from my front door and I feel beyond lucky to have it in my backyard. As a Seattle local and a food lover, the Market really is where I do my shopping. Here’s what’s in my bag when I do my grocery shopping at Pike Place Market!

1. Organic Jumbo Brown Eggs – The Pike Place Market Creamery

I start most of my days with a smoothie and these beautiful, brown organic eggs. You’ll find a dozen different types of farm fresh eggs at the Pike Place Market Creamery from quail to duck! You can also get your milk, cream and butter here. FYI – it’s cash only.

2. Rustic 8 Grain Bread – Three Girls Bakery

I get fresh bread in the Market every week and it’s always the Three Girls Bakery Rustic 8 Grain. It’s super hearty and sturdy and makes for the perfect base for avocado toast! Three Girls Bakery is the first business licensed to a woman in the city of Seattle. 

3. Flowers, Flowers, Flowers!

Picking up a fresh bouquet of flowers from the Market every week is a must for me. They have stunning bouquets starting at just $5 and there is nothing more magical than walking through Pike Place and selecting the perfect bouquet!

4. Bacon (and all my meat needs) – Don and Joe’s Meats

It is such a privilege to buy meat from a butcher instead of a grocery store. This is where I buy all my meats including the weekly provisions of bacon for my boyfriend.

5. Fruits and Veggies – Frank’s Produce

I can’t stress how stupid lucky we are that we have this amazing market in the middle of our city and it’s open almost every single day of the year. It is such a luxury to shop as needed for fresh fruits and vegetables. Shopping at Frank’s Produce is seriously the highlight of my week. The crew there is beyond helpful and happy to help me pick out the freshest, best local produce.

6. Housemade Hummus – Delaurenti

I used to make my own hummus from scratch until I tried the hummus at Delaurenti and then I realized I was just wasting my time. They make it fresh here daily and it’s fantastic, y’all. It’s a staple that is always in my fridge (I like it with veggies or a pita or naan flatbread).

7. Timber City Ginger Beer – Delaurenti

Delaurenti is a great place to get all your local goodies and I have to have my Timber City Ginger beer. Their traditional ginger beer is outstanding as are their seasonal flavors (I’m a huge fan of their Apple-Rose Petal that comes out in the spring).

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