What’s in My Bag: Terumi Pong and Her Boys Takes Us Along on Their DownUnder Adventure

Hi! My name is Terumi Pong and I am a Seattle phone photographer. I write about family travel and living in our city on my blog, An Emerald City Life. My family and I often come to Pike Place Market together to eat and explore. Sometimes we bike from our house and make a stop at the Market before or after a trip to the Aquarium or Seattle Art Museum. There is always something going on and something new to see. Between June and October we come every week to get our Pike Box CSA here, as well.

Most people think of produce, fish and flowers when they think of Pike Place Market and we love these things too. But some of our favorite places are hidden in the depths of the Market, in the DownUnder! I’m excited to tell you about what’s in our Bag when we visited recently.

The Market Magic and Novelty Shop

What kid doesn’t love magic? And the Market Magic and Novelty Shop is such a fabulous store. They sell everything from flash paper and disappearing ink to elaborate advanced magic tricks. We love to hang around and see what kind of magic we’ll learn. There is an old school photo booth in the front of the store so we bring a few extra dollars if we want to get some fun pics together.

Market Coins

One of the few cash-only spots in the Market is Market Coins where we can spend a long time looking at sports memorabilia and collectible coins. We recently picked up some hockey cards because my guys are so excited for the NHL in Seattle. I felt really nostalgic about buying hockey cards with them because I used to collect hockey cards as a kid too.

The Shoe Museum

We also try to remember some coins to check out the Giant Shoe Museum. It’s been at the Market for as long as I can remember and it only takes a couple of minutes so it’s easy to check out with kids. The Giant Shoe Museum also makes a great backdrop for pictures and it’s a stop I always bring people who visit us to so they can snap a photo souvenir.

Osara Commissary

When I come to the Market without my guys I can spend a long time looking at all the ceramics in Osara Commissary. It’s a really great place to find unique gifts. My whole family likes the Japanese candies and snacks here and one of us can’t leave without buying stickers. 

Slow Loris

The cool art and the soft feel of the Pacific Northwest designed t-shirts in Slow Loris make this store really cozy. I have bought a few t-shirts for my husband.

Eighth Generation

There are so many things we want to pick up in this store for ourselves and for the people we love in our lives.  I have my eye on a necklace for my sister for the holidays and we recently bought the “Confluence crew socks” and “Huckleberry Nettle Soap“.


We also noticed that MarninSaylor is getting a storefront in the Fourth Level of the DownUnder this November and we can’t be more excited. They have such whimsical products and is such a great store for families visiting the Pike Place Market. 

P.S. if I think we’re going to make a lot of market stops with my guys, I usually promise a stop to Daily Dozen Doughnuts for their mini doughnuts with cinnamon sugar and everyone comes along with me happily for the rest of the Market trip. 

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